About blog

My name is Peter Christopher and this is my blog dedicated entirely to dental health.

The idea of this blog creation originated out of my former web-site, where I, on behalf of my clinic, ventured to collect and analyze the data on the contemporary dental sector, however after a while I’ve got convinced that blog format is much more convenient and actually practical for our objectives.

The key objective is promotion of our chain of dental clinics, however I declare it so boldly and straightforwardly just because I am completely convinced of its worthiness and effectiveness, so promotion here has to be replaced with the word informing, I guess. Here you will find a lot of data and facts, that might come useful both to professionals and laymen, who are the customers of dental clinics to put it simple, and detailed information about our chain of clinics as well.

We are welcoming every our customer who wants to leave his comment about treatment received in our clinics, however we are also interested in any of your experiences acquired in any other establishment of the healthcare sector.

Thanks in advance for your kind participation.